This page attempts to answer the following questions:
- why have I created this "brain"
- why do I share it publicly

Why have I created this "brain"?

In short, because my personal and professional life require me to remember lots of small details. I have looked for many years for a perfect solution for global note-taking, something that is minimal but flexible enough to handle all edge-cases. Of course, I also require something that is based on open-source software and that I am comfortable maintaining. Personal maintenance is especially important in a project like this that I wish to retain access to for the rest of my life. Having found nothing, I decided to go the do-it-yourself route, which ultimately led me to this "brain" project.

This project is heavily inspired by ideas in concept mapping, and by the truly excellent org-brain project. I use just a few of my core technologies to support this project:
- emacs org-mode to create and edit brain nodes
- git to store and sync files between machines
- python to format org into html
- nginx to serve html

Why do I share my brain publicly?

Honestly, the biggest reason is that privacy is a hassle, and by sharing these pages publicly I personally will be able to access them as easily as possible. Privacy is hard, and not worth doing poorly. I see no reason for this information to be private, so I choose to make it public.

Secondly, I sometimes wish to share certain ideas and this is an easy platform for that. This brain serves as an alternative to a "blog", for me. I know full well that the majority of this website is useful only to me. Still, I do hope that certain pages could be useful to others.